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Terms of Enrolment

Enrolment for music lessons will be for a full 10 weeks each term. (In some special circumstances and when notice is given in writing to the office before the term this may be adjusted)

Each term invoice will consist of 10 lessons with your nominated tutor (including GST for some if applicable)

Each term invoice will have 10 service fees accordingly (“General SF” for most students and a “Piano” SF for piano student because we have to maintain and tune the instrument)

ALL Service fees are non refundable -unless your tutor is away.

Term commencement date will always align with the public school term –note that the first Monday can for some schools be a pupil free day but for us it is a normal teaching day and your lessons will be as usual.

Public holidays are optional for tutors and students so if your lesson falls on a public holiday you will need to confirm your lesson that week with your tutor.

Notice of Inability to attend any lesson must be given 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the lesson. Failure to give adequate notice will mean that no make up lesson should be expected.

A maximum of 4 scheduled lessons will be made up over a period of one calendar year at the discretion of the tutor, provided 24hours notice has been given of your inability to attend. The tutor will not be expected to make up additional lesson. It is not possible to run a teaching program if these conditions are not met. Please phone your tutor direct if you are unable to attend lesson or as a last resort leave a message at the office.

NOTE: Be sure that you have your tutors contact details, mobile phone, email etc.

If you are planning a long vacation in term time please advise your teacher and the office 4 weeks in advance other wise the above conditions may apply to all missed lessons.

Accounts will be posted or emailed to you usually over the school holidays or at the latest by the first week of each term or for new students within a week of your first lesson.

NB: If you do not receive an invoice routinely about this time you should contact the office and request your invoice or copy.


Music Tuition / hall rental fees / invoices are payable by the Friday of 2nd week of term or by your second lesson…unless prior arrangements have been made for a late payment with the office.

A “7 day reminder’ invoice and note may follow in the 3rd week, time permitting.

Failure to pay your account on time and without late payment notice to the office will result in:  


  • Lessons being discontinued on the 4thth week, and your nominated lesson time made available to wait listed students.
  • Late fees will apply after the 4th week to all accounts. THIS FEE IS PAYABLE WITH FEES.
  • NO EXCEPTIONS unless you have made alternate arrangements with the Director prior to week 3.
  • If you prefer to make a part payment with notice, late fees will not apply.
  • The part payment with notice must consist of at least 4 lessons and the residual amount paid in full by Friday of the 4thth week. Late fees will apply to overdue part payments
  • 4 weeks notice of termination is required - Service fees are non refundable
  • An EFTPOS facility is available at the Centre to pay accounts by Credit or Debit card during office hours.


From time to time a tutor may be absent due to unforeseen circumstances. Tutors are required to call and notify you if they are running late or not attending on the day or they must provide a replacement tutor to ensure continuity of your lessons. If the tutor is going to be absent longer than one week the office will usually call you to discuss any new arrangements with the replacement tutor.NO

Please note that the fee of a replacement tutor may vary slightly from your nominated tutor and your account may need to be adjusted.


  1. Accounts and term enrolments will be for 10 lessons per term and 10 service fees per term
  2. PLEASE NOTE THAT : Only one make up lesson will be provided per term (or 4 in any year) if you have given 24 hours notice. This one lesson may be refunded to you if the tutor is unable to make it up by the end of term. 2 4 weeks notice of termination is required - Service fees are not refundable
  3. Call your tutor direct if giving notice of an absence or termination.
  4. No notice given - will mean no make up lesson can be expected
  5. All music fees/accounts are due and payable by the 2nd week of term.
  6. Failure to pay accounts on time will mean that lessons may cease and your lesson time reallocated to students on the wait list for a place.
  7. Late fees will strictly apply to all accounts after the 4th week
  8. You will be notified by you tutor if they are to be absent /or replaced by another tutor
  9. Account s should NOT be adjusted by parents with out discussing any changes with the office first as this will create more accounts work and cause confusion to everyone.
  10. Subsequent term enrolment will be subject to your accounts being paid /settled in full by the close of 2nd week of each term.
  11. Unless we are notified by parents, students or tutor, re-enrolment will be automatic each term at the time and day of your usual lesson.
  12. If you are planning a long vacation in term time please advise your teacher and the office 4-6 weeks in advance otherwise the above conditions will apply to all missed lessons.


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